1st Renault Duster Experimental held in Goa

An initiative to experience the off-roading capabilities of the Duster AWD in Goa.

17th July 2016, the old Mahindra showroom at Nagoa Verna which is not in use along the NH 17 comes to life again.

But this time it’s Renault who has taken centre stage at the track with the Duster Experimental drive organized by Renault India along with Priority Auto Ventures, the dealers for Renault in Goa.

The Duster Experimental drive saw customers driving in their own Dusters on a specially curated track where potential and existing customers and motor enthusiasts got to experience the off-road and on-road capabilities of the Renault Duster All-Wheel Drive (AWD).

Enthusiasts drove their Dusters through obstacles like drive on wet grass and through muddy fields, craters, deep water negotiation and slush.

The event was aimed to deliver the participants a unique driving experience through various tough simulations. The event also showcased the power, agility, unparalleled safety features and engineering technology of the Duster AWD.

1st Renault Duster Experimental held in Goa (45)

About the Duster all-Wheel Drive.

The Duster all-Wheel Drive offers superior comfort, high driving position and 210mm of ground clearance making the Duster one of the most capable, rugged and perfect vehicle to enjoy an off roading experience.

The Renault Duster All-Wheel Drive delivers the comfort and sophistication of a sedan along with robust ruggedness, performance and agility of an SUV.

The SUV is powered by an extremely reliable and efficient K9K 1.5 Litre engine delivering a combination of high performance and excellent fuel efficiency.

The SUV Car is fitted the all wheel independent multilink suspension for better ride and comfort, regardless of the terrain. Electronic Torque Control (ETC) ensures intelligent distribution to all wheels for high speed torque balance.

Renault has always designed practical equipment that both enhances driving pleasure and guarantees the safety of all its vehicles’ occupants.

The Duster car comes with state of the art safety features starting with monocoque body, ABS with EBD and brake assist and dual front airbags, Other features include Electronic Stability programme (ESP), Anti Skid resistance (ASR) and the Hill Start Assist, which helps to start the car easily on a slope and other challenging conditions significantly reducing the risk of a stalled engine.

Speaking to Goa On Wheels at the event Mr.  GM of Renault Goa Gaurish Sakhardande said ‘’This was the first time the Duster event was held in Goa at Nagoa Verna, and the event received an overwhelming response with 28 participants.

Both 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive Dusters participated in the event and at the end of the day it was a real pleasure to have the event in the rain which made the track wet.

We got a lot of feedback from customers who and were asking when the next event would be held. He further added by saying, we will announce the second event in a big way and the Duster Experimental drive was the first of its kind to be held in Goa which will be continued and made into an annual event.