3rd Annual meet of Lambretta Club of Goa, Memories refreshed

3rd Annual meet Lambretta Club of Goa

The Lambretta Club Of Goa held its 3rd Annual  meet at Margao, Goa to celebrate the Republic Day and also refresh some beautiful old memories of scooters which once roared the roads.

This was the largest gathering till date, with more than 25 scooters participating since the club’s existence. The event, held in South Goa, saw a display of these classic scooters which were aexhibited for a day.

The event was organised by Lenin Ferrao and Samir Usapkar along with other Lambretta Club of Goa members.

Scooters on display included Lambretta Li150 series 2 , Lamby 150 , Vijay Super and AllwynPushpak to name a few. 10 newly restored vehicles also participated in the meet.

The event saw very good response, with people praising the owners for maintaining the scooters in good condition  and also refreshed memories of a few people who once commuted on Lambretta’s and scooters of this era.

The event was ended with distribution of Participation certificates and classic styled helmets were handed out to all the participants by Lenin’s mother Effie Ferrao

The Lambretta Club of Goa was formed to  create an awareness so that these beauties don’t end up in scrapyards and get beaten into a ball of metal , unite all the Lambretta enthusiasts, share views to make restorations of Lambrettas easier and to enjoy the rides.

3rd meet of Lambretta CLub of Goa 2013

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