Bharat Benz enters Indian market

BharatBenz launched the its first three models in the Indian market. Three Heavy Duty BharatBenz Trucks – 2523R and 3123R for the haulage segment and 2523C for the construction segment – will now be commercially available through a growing number of state-of-the-art dealerships.

The three Heavy-Duty trucks launched are first among the range of 17 models that will be launched over the next 17 months. Eight of them were presented to the market in a large-scale customer-event in March this year.

The Heavy-Duty Trucks are based on the Mercedes-Benz Axor platform, have been localised to suit specific needs of Indian customers, featuring a six-cylinder engine with 230 HP (170 KW) in all three variants. The trucks boast of fuel efficiency that is more than 10% better, in comparison to existing products in the market and offers value-for-money with a strong focus on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, the 100% Indian subsidiary of the world’s No. 1 truck manufacturer Daimler AG.

The prices are as follows

25 Ton Rigid Truck 15.7 lacs to 17.2 lacs
31 Ton Rigid Truck 18.7 lacs to 20.2 lacs
25 Ton Tipper 22.4 lacs to 23.1 lacs

Some of the main features of these trucks are: I

  • Intelligent-unitized-fuel-injection system,
  • Balance-type rear suspension and inter-wheel differential in the haulage trucks and
  • Inter-wheel/inter-axle differential locks in the construction trucks, the
  • Unique “Engine-Brake” system

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