Bike Ssscape 2011: 150 kms adventure ride in Goa

The Bike Ssscape 2010 was a huge success and people kept inquiring when is the next Bike Ssscape.

This year Wildtrek” a registered organization that arranges trek events for enthusiasts in Goa are launching the second “Bike Escape 2011” edition on December 11th 2011 with much more spectacle and showiness.

The Bike Escape 2011 will be a full day event. 150 kms of riding in 9 hours with tracks covering Goa and parts of Maharashtra with an estimated of 250 bikers which will cover different road conditions such as highways, city roads, town road, Village Street, rough terrain and dirt tracks. We will be riding through approx 50+ villages of Goa, 3 forts, 6 bridges and there will be couple of events at every pit stop. And we will be watched by 2 million viewers in the State. The event will include lunch and dinner break for all the participants. It will end with a vote of thanks, certificate distribution, prize distribution and dinner to all.

“Bike Escape 2010” was a huge success. It was themed as “Ride Safely, Wear Helmet”. The event was sponsored by Bharat Petroleum, HCN and few more. Last year we had 134 bike participants who joyously rode 150km across the borders of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka. The entire event was very well organized by Wildtrek. Also, the entire event was filmed and aired by HCN and they repeatedly aired the event for nearly 6 months.

Only 250 participants will be allowed to participate for the Bike Escape 2011

For registrations call:

Mapusa : 9158472864, Margao : 9527165958, Panjim : 9823937930, Vasco: 9822868882