BMW’s Premium Selection used car service launched

Now own a BMW at much lower premium rate. The German luxury car maker BMW launched its pre-owned car business in India. The BMW Premium Selection is expected to account for up to 10 per cent of its total new car sales.

Mercedes-Benz has also launched its used car business “Proven Exclusivity” a couple of months back. The pre-owned BMWs will be available in seven exclusive BMW Premium Selection dealerships across India.

The pre-owned BMWs will be available in seven exclusive BMW Premium Selection dealerships across India.

The used cars are less than five years and would have clocked under 120,000 km,” he said, adding that the company is offering warranty of 24 months or up to 200,000 kms whichever is earlier.

Sadly Goa is not included as of now, but we are sure looking at the number of Beamers on the Goan roads, BMW will soon start their services.

Official Press release

BMW Premium Selection’ Launched in India

Sheer Driving Pleasure at an Exceptional Value

BMW India launched ‘BMW Premium Selection’ with the finest range of pre-owned BMW vehicles that are carefully selected and comprehensively examined for quality. For the ultimate peace of mind, BMW Premium Selection vehicles come with a BMW warranty.

Dr. Andreas Schaaf, President, BMW India said, “BMW Premium Selection will play an important role in the success of our company; it has its very own chapter in the “Story of JOY”. We believe that a decisive factor in the development of BMW Premium Selection business will be through establishment of exclusive and luxurious BMW Premium Selection showrooms of international standards at important commercial centers across the country.”

BMW Premium Selection vehicles can now be ordered through exclusive BMW Premium Selection dealerships at seven locations in the Indian market: Bird Automotive (Gurgaon), Krishna Automobiles (Ludhiana), Infinity Cars (South Mumbai), Bavaria Motors (Pune), Navnit Motors (Bangalore), KUN Exclusive (Chennai) and KUN Exclusive (Hyderabad).

Dr. Andreas Schaaf, President, BMW India said, “A BMW Premium Selection vehicle offers an entry into the world of driving pleasure and is 100% BMW without any exceptions. We stand behind every BMW Premium Selection vehicle for guaranteed quality and premium services. At the same time, BMW Premium Selection is an official promise of quality to demanding customers which guarantees certain standards.”

BMW Premium Selection stands for the right cars with the right history. If a BMW isn’t meticulously maintained, it won’t achieve BMW Premium Selection status. And, to ensure BMW Premium Selection vehicles feel exactly as a BMW is intended; every vehicle comes with a full, detailed history about servicing, maintenance and repairs.

Every BMW Premium Selection vehicle is serviced to perfection. All BMW Premium Selection vehicles go through a comprehensive 360 degree check and are completely refurbished technically and visually.

All cars selected under BMW Premium Selection are less than five years old and would have clocked under 120,000 kms. BMW Premium Selection vehicles come with upto 24 month / 200,000 kms warranty (whichever is earlier). BMW Premium Selection owners also have the option of taking BMW India Roadside Assistance which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

BMW India has engaged a dedicated team of specially trained technical and sales professionals to set a new benchmark in service quality and customer care in the pre-owned car business.

BMW India website ( will enable potential customers to browse through the range of BMW Premium Selection vehicles available at BMW dealerships across India. The BMW India website is empowered by ERIC (Electronic Re-marketing Information Centre) which offers real-time information such as technical details, maintenance history and actual photographs of BMW Premium Selection vehicles.

Along with the exclusive environment, professional service and impeccable quality standards, BMW Premium Selection makes the purchase of pre-owned cars effortless with attractive finance options. BMW Financial Services has exclusively developed well thought-out and flexible solutions for BMW Premium Selection customers.