Brilliance V5 SUV, dont mistake it with BMW X1

We all know how good Chinese are when it comes to copying, and the new Brilliance V5 SUV will take this only to a new level. Well if you see the Brilliance V5 from a distant, one may not get deceived to think about the BMW X1, and why not? The Brilliance V5 SUV is as good as a photo copy of the BMW X1.

Form the pics it looks like the BMW X1 was put in a photo copy machine and the result is the Brilliance V5 SUV which was launched at the Guangzhou Auto Show.

The Brilliance V5 is powered by a Mitsubishi 1.6 with 118hp and 151nm or Brilliance’s own 1.5 turbo with 136hp and 200nm. Transmission option includes: 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic and the drive-train is either a 4×4 or FWD.

BMW, joint venture partner from Brilliance, thinks the V5 looks too much like their own X1 which will be made in China soon. The V5 (A3 SUV) is based on the same platform as the Brilliance H530 sedan.

Brilliance China is one of the leading automotive manufacturers in China through its subsidiaries, associated companies and joint ventures in the PRC. In 2003, the Group established a joint venture with BMW to produce BMW 3-series and 5-series sedans in China. The Group is also engaged in the manufacture of diesel engines and petrol engine.

The company has a JV with BMW to make cars in China. Chances of BMW suing the company this time seems less as BMW may want to affect its partnership.

Image Source: chinacarforums