Brio helps Honda increase sale by 343%

Honda Siel Cars India sold 10,334 units in the month of May 2012 as against 2,334 units in the corresponding month last year posting a remarkable growth of 343%. Honda Brio led the sales posting   4512 units followed by the Jazz at 1948 units. The Jazz recorded highest sales ever since it was first launched.

The City has been facing dwindling sales as it is facing heat of high petrol prices and competition from diesel cars in the same segment. The CR-V found 21 buyers while the Accord manage to sell 38 units.

Honda desperately needs diesel engines if the company is looking at a higher market share.

Model wise sales break-up              

Brio    4512

Jazz    1948

City    3753

Civic      62

Accord   38

CRV      21