Did you buy your two wheeler insurance? Nimbu-mirchi or Daahi shakkar won’t save you!

Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul!

Driving a car gives us the comfort, luxury, and safety, but one misses the continuous drift of air on the face as well as the body and most importantly- thrill experienced while riding on the two wheels.

Two wheelers have their own share of fun and excitement and at the same time, t is a treat to watch someone ride a bike. But can riding a bike be considered safe? In general, riding a two-wheeler is considered riskier than driving a car, because an individual on a motorcycle is more exposed to danger than someone seated in a car.

Superstitions don’t really work!

To ensure continued protection of your bike/scooter from accidents and other dangers, it is of utmost importance to buy a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy. Therefore, every two-wheeler owner in India, for his own safety and as per law, must choose from an insurance policy that protects him and his vehicle.

The policy also provides security against a wide range of natural and man-made calamities. And the two-wheeler insurance offers risk coverage towards self, physical injury, damage/loss of the vehicle and third party liability. Additionally, your vehicle is protected against damages incurred due to unforeseen situations like theft, personal accident, third-party liability, etc. Investing in an all-encompassing two wheeler insurance policy is definitely worth it.

A standard motorcycle insurance policy will cover some portion of the costs related to the damage and also provide compensation in the event of any harm caused to another person or their property or if you have legal fees to pay for the accident.

The premium for motor Insurance may vary based on make and model number and the year of manufacturing of the Two-wheeler.

According to IRDA, 75% of two-wheelers plying on Indian road either have no insurance or their insurance has lapsed.

If you are caught without a valid insurance, enforcement agencies can impose fines ranging from INR 1000 to imprisonment for up to 3 months or both as per the Motor Vehicle Act.

Today, one can easily purchase two wheeler insurance policies by doing a few clicks over the web. Companies claim to offer online insurances in less than 5 minutes. One can Renew a current policy, Review policies from alternate Insurance Companies or buy a Brand New Bike Policy.

There are Types of Two-Wheeler Insurance Plans

1)     Third-Party Liability Coverage

2)     Comprehensive Insurance

 A Third party coverage compensates only third-party injuries and their property damages. Many opt for this plan as it is cheaper compared to the secondary option.

Comprehensive Insurance covers losses/damages to you and your bike as well as protects you against third-party liabilities. We would recommend our readers to pick option 2, i.e. Comprehensive Insurance as it includes full liability coverage

One may also choose a Personal Accident Cover for Occupants and is a must if you one of the adventurous types. If your two-wheeler is expensive it is worth choosing a Zero Depreciation plan to bear depreciation on repair/replacement for expenses done on plastic, fibre, rubber and glass parts.

Steps to buy insurance online

Log onto the company website, the one that you want to purchase the insurance policy from.

1)     Choose to renew or buy bike insurance.

2)     Enter vehicle details and personal details.

3)     Select add-ons and discounts to get final premium.

4)     Add complete details and check the summary. Make payment.

5)     Policy is sent in PDF to your mailbox

We suggest you print a copy of the 2 wheeler insurance policy and always keep it handy when going for short or long rides.

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