Café Bullet Goa:Carbon Yatra Independence Day Ride

Café Bullet Goa, a Royal Enfield bikers club from Goa, is India’s first club to undertake a road trip on Independence Day (August 15, 2011) that will offset all carbon emissions emitted (carbon footprint) during the ride as a result of fuel combustion.

More than 30 bikers will participate in a road trip from between Mapusa while visiting orphanages on Independence Day. With a total roundtrip distance of approximately 50kms, each bike will emit close to 10 kgs in CO2 emissions as a result of the fuel combusted during the trip. The group will offset 1 tonne in CO2 emissions through the purchase and retirement of carbon offsets/credits from a verified and audited renewable energy project in Gujarat, India which is currently listed in the global carbon market.

The renewable energy project in Gujarat has been audited by independent third-party climate change inspectors for carbon offsets or reductions, as per the ISO 14064:2 international GHG program. The project has been selling carbon offsets to polluters and carbon investors worldwide which are active in the voluntary carbon market.

CARBONyatra, a company that develops and trades carbon offsets from Indian renewable energy projects to polluters globally, has already retired the carbon offset/credit on behalf of Café Bullet Goa on the global carbon registry. This ensures that the credit certificate cannot be used again in the carbon market by any other group or company.

“Corporates and people outside India are doing their bit for fighting climate change. The effects of global warming will be felt first in developing countries like India. We’re already seeing devastating effects of climate change in Africa with famine and drought. Consumers are already asking companies to go green. This is the beginning of the voluntary carbon footprint movement in India,” said Kishore Butani, founder, CARBONyatra.