Chevrolet Cruze facelift launch on 27th June

Chevrolet will launch the all new Cruze facelift on the 27th of June. The Cruze sedan has already been in the market for more than 3 years and has received minor tweaks periodically. The last update included JET BLACK interiors.

Chevrolet have planned a number of launches in the next 6 months, the first being the Cruze facelift. Volkswagen has just launched the Jetta petro in the minus D segment and Chevrolet will be the next player to follow the suite.

The Cruze gets minor tweaks on the exterior but the major boot is under the hood. The new Cruze will get a power boost from 150 bhp to 163 bhp while Torque is bumped from 327Nm to 380Nm.

The Cruze sedan will be powered by the same 2.0 diesel engine but will get a higher tune. The new engine has a strengthened block to take the extra power and torque, and a completely redesigned cylinder head to incorporate a chain-driven DOHC valve-train as against the rubber-belt-driven one on the previous car. The engine gets with seven injections per power stroke compared to five on the old motor and a dual-mass flywheel to reduce engine vibrations.

The engine is mated to a 6 speed gear box and will get an option of either a manual or automatic. In terms of features the car gets minor tweaks on the front and rear.

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