Chevrolet drops prices of Sail U-VA, introduces base diesel

Chevrolet Sail U-VA base diesel

Chevrolet launched the Sail U-VA in October 2012 using its new global platform created especially for fast-growing emerging markets. The company set a lot of expectations and introduced it with a starting price of Rs. 4.44 lakhs directly competing against the Maruti Suzuki Swift.

The Sail U-VA packed higher features and spacious interiors has failed to meet the expectations and sales are hovering around 500-1000 units per month. The hatch is available in both petrol & diesel variants but are selling very low numbers when compared to its competitors.

One reason to blame is the high price tag the car comes with and the second is the in efficient after sales. To counter the first reason, the company has reduced the prices of the Sail U-VA petrol & diesel in the range of Rs. 10,000 – 20,000. The base variant now starts at Rs. 4.19 as opposed to the earlier price of Rs.4.44 lakhs.

Chevrolet has also launched a new PS base variant to the diesel line-up at a starting price of Rs.5.29.The PS variant comes with basic comfort features such as front power windows, electrically operated wing mirrors, air conditioner, tilt steering and fabric seats. When launched the base variant started at Rs. 5.87 lakhs. The new variant is prices by Rs. 30,000 lower than the segment leader Swift.

The new pricing will definitely help the American car maker boost sales. Chevrolet also offers the Sail sedan which starts at Rs. 5.99 lakhs for the base petrol.

Sail U-VA petrol prices

Variant Old Price (in lakhs) New Price (in Lakhs)
Base 4.44 4.19
LS 4.83 4.73
LS ABS 5.18 4.9
LT 5.57 5.6

 Sail U-VA diesel prices

Variant Old Price (in lakhs) New Price (in Lakhs)
Base 5.87 5.29
LS 6.19 5.73
LS ABS NA 5.90
LT 6.62 6.68