Details of the Weekend Drag Race

30 Seconds to start…… Helmets on, seatbelts fastened, windows rolled up……… Engine revving at 2500RPM..… Countdown begins, 3……. 2……. 1.. GO! Pop the clutch and pedal to the floor. All you can hear is tyres screeching, and before you know it you reach the end of the drag strip. That should just about sum it up.

That’s the picture that comes to your mind when you say DRAG RACE. Fast cars and the smell of burnt rubber. And Sunday’s event had it all. To say that the DRAG RACE was a success is an understatement in itself. Mandovi Entertainment Group in association with Goa Times and Team Goa Headed by Amul Satoskar, were the people behind the resounding success of this event.

Held at Verna Industrial estate, the event received an overwhelming response from participants all over Goa. The Drag event was open only to cars and drivers with a valid driving license were eligible to participate. The fee was a nominal Rs. 1000- per race and on registration each participant was entitled to a free can of Red Bull. Safety was of prime importance and the organizers left no stone unturned in ensuring the cars were race worthy. A scrutiny bay was kept just behind the registration counter to test the brakes and seat belts as well as determine the category of participation.

The event began with a stunt bike show, where some of Goa’s Professional Stunt bike riders showcased their amazing skills and talents. The first drag of the day was between Amul Satoskar’s Mercedes C Class and a kitted white Mitsubishi Cedia. The event had its fair share of celebrities in Donovan Vaz(Polo R Cup racer) to Motocross champion, Alan Sequeira, who flagged off the drag event, wherein Amul’s Merc blew the doors off the Mitsubishi in under 16 seconds, nearly 3 seconds faster than the Cedia.

The spectators were in for a real treat, as drivers were seen revving the nuts of their vehicles, which included your regular Maruti 800’s to modified Maruti Zen’s, from Honda City’s to fully kitted and modified Lancer’s. We even had a car enthusiast bring in his brand new Skoda Laura vRS straight from the showroom. But there was one car which really got us all drooling and that was a Red BMW M3. Agreed the track did have its fair share of Merc’s and Beemers, but this car was something else. Just the roar of the M3’s V8 engine had everyone up from their chairs and cheering on. Expectedly the M3 was the fastest car of the day with a track time of a little over 15 seconds.

AutoBuzz Goa, our first full-fledged car and bike magazine, made a late but glamorous entrance with the Editor Rohan Coelho leading a convoy of black Audi cars.

Polo R Cup racer and local hero, Donovan Vaz, who was a popular favourite with the ladies at the event, won a deserving 3rd place in a challenging 1301cc to 1600cc petrol class. The event came to an end with the Chief Guest Mr.Mauvin Godinho, handing over the trophies and certificates to the respective winners.

It was a fun filled Sunday, without any mishaps or incidents. It provided an excellent platform for drivers to showcase their talents behind the wheel. And also gave car enthusiasts a chance to show off their machines. Conducting such events will definitely help  curb street racing which is illegal and dangerous. All in all, it was Goan Motoring at its best.

Goa On Wheels was the online partner for the Weekend Drag Race.

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Article by Jude Saldana