Essential Garage Tools for Auto Repair Work

Anyone that enjoys working on their own car may want to consider opening their own garage. Armed with the right knowledge and a fully-equipped garage, you will be able to take on all kinds of work all from the comfort of your own home. Here are a few essential items that any mechanic will need in their space:


A fully-equipped toolkit is a mechanic’s main weapon. It is for this reason that you must invest in high-quality tools, as this will ensure that you can carry out all kinds of work and the tools will never let you down. You can find handy guides online that show you exactly what you need to get started.

Tool Cabinet

A tool cabinet allows you to neatly store your precious tools when you are not using them. This is important because it means that you always know where your tools are, you do not clutter the garage (which can be dangerous) and the tools will be kept safe and secure in a locked cabinet.

Workbench and Adjustable Chair

A large percentage of work will need to be carried out at a desk, so you will need a large workbench where you can comfortably work and also keep a laptop (comes in very handy), notes and anything else. An adjustable chair allows you to work comfortably, plus it will also come in handy for fixing cars when you are working at awkward heights.

Jack Stand

A lot of the work that you carry out will be on the underside of the automobile. A jack stand/lift will allow you to easily and safely raise the car so that you can access the underside.

Bench Vise

A vise may seem like a luxury item, but you will be amazed at just how often you use it whether this is to apply force to a strong material or simply act as a third hand.

Hydraulic Press

A good hydraulic press, available from suppliers like SGS, is the best way to press damaged bodywork back into shape, as well as remove and install gears and other press fit parts.

First-Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher

Safety is paramount when it comes to auto repair work. You must have a fully stocked first-aid kit for any injury that you sustain, as well as a working fire extinguisher in the garage at all times.

These are the key items that any good mechanic must have in their garage and will allow you to take on all kinds of work.