Ferrari to launch Special Edition Italia 458 at Beijing Show

2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the first ever Ferrari, a 348 TS, being ordered in China. To celebrate, Ferrari will introduce twenty 458 Italia special editions exclusively for the Chinese market.

The Special Editions feature list includes

  • The special edition wears a brand new colour called Marco Polo Red, specially developed for the exclusive car.
  • The standout feature of the car’s exterior is the gold dragon on the hood, offset by gold and black livery straps that symbolize a racetrack
  • Gold finish to the rims and the aeroelastic winglets
  • Gold embroidery on the car’s head rests, and the engine start button is inscribed with the simplified Chinese characters for ‘start,’ and a ’20th Anniversary Special Edition’ plaque is set into the dash.

Sadly it’s only for the Chinese market. Ferrari is also opening its first long-term brand exhibition (outside Maranello, that is) at the Italia Center of Shanghai World Expo Park. The Ferrari Exhibition will include five themes, including Ferrari in China, Green Technology, Products, Design and Racing. Current plans are for a three-year exhibit, filled with theme-related content from the Ferrari Museum in Maranello.