Ford EcoSport the new mini SUV for India

The next big thing after the Figo will be the all new EcoSport SUV in India from the American car makers stable.

The new Fiesta have not have taken off quite as strongly as Ford expected but the EcoSport based on the same platform could do wonders for Ford India if priced properly.

Known internally as the B515, this next-generation EcoSport will be unveiled at the 2012 Auto Expo, followed by a launch in Brazil in the first few months of the year.

The mini SUV segment is slowly developing its own customer base, especially to those who aspire to drive SUV’s but don’t buy it due to its high price.

The Ecosport will be powered by Fords’ 90bhp, 1.5 litre DV5 diesel engine.

The current offerings in the mini SUV segment is only the Premier Rio which will find a mate soon with the launch of the new Mini Xylo.

The EcoSport has the right styling ques with upright stance, the high bonnet, generous ground clearance and subtle cladding make you think off-roader. Coupled with large 16 or even 17-inch wheels the mini SUV will surely be a hit.

Image source: AutocarIndia