‘Ford Endeavour Drive’ in Bengaluru

Ford India to showcase the power of the Endeavour and its off-roading capabilities organised the ‘The Great Ford Endeavour Drive’ in the city of Bengaluru (Bangalore). A special out off-road track was made for the event and Jagat Nanjappa, a veteran rallyist and off-roading expert was roped in to display the SUV’s capabilities.

Ford had also organised similar events in Delhi and Chandigarh.

Official Press release

To showcase the tremendous off-roading capabilities of its popular SUV, Ford India kicked off ‘The Great Ford Endeavour Drive’ in the city of Bangalore.

To demonstrate the Endeavour as an embodiment of power and safety, the SUV’s off-roading capabilities were showcased on the specially laid out off-road track in Bangalore. Ford India has organized the two-day off-road adventure for customers and media to drive and experience the Endeavour’s power in all its glory.

“Through this event, we want to give the customers hands-on experience of the amazing off-road capabilities of Endeavour,” said Ford India’s vice president of Marketing Anurag Mehrotra. “Our new Hurricane edition combines the Endeavour’s characteristic tough exterior styling and commanding road presence with extra comfort and flexibility to bring the Indian consumer a comfortable, safe, reliable and robust SUV,” he added.

The specially designed track is safe yet exciting and made to look like an average Indian road magnified several times. Packing in various obstructions like inclines, alternate bumps, slush, 45 degree slopes and a drift/donut area, the track was made to look like an average Indian road magnified several times and posed a challenge to the adventure seeking drivers.

Jagat Nanjappa, a veteran rallyist and off-roading expert, was at hand to demonstrate what the Endeavour is capable of doing and shared important tips with the participants on handling an SUV on rough terrains. The participants enjoyed a power-packed Endeavour experience drive with Jagath Nanjappa as he drove them through the custom-made track. This event gave an opportunity to Endeavour lovers in Bangalore to realize the off-road prowess of the vehicle.

After the successful drive in Delhi and Chandigarh, Ford India has taken the ‘Great Ford Endeavour Drive’ to Bangalore to create the same experience for its consumers. Besides the exciting off-road track, activities like Fox Climbing, Rappling, Burma Bridge and Rock Climbing were made available to customers.

Ford India recently introduced its new 4×4 Hurricane – the Limited Edition variant of Endeavour, which offers buyers greater value for money, enhanced tough and attractive look, greater safety and convenience on the vehicle. The 4×4 Hurricane Limited Edition builds on the ruggedness, safety and reliability of the Endeavour which has earned top honors in vehicle dependability in the SUV segment by JD Power Asia Pacific three times in a row.

On rough terrains, Ford Endeavour comes forth with its tremendous off-roading capabilities. With a fuel efficient engine and good brakes promising safety, the robust vehicle gives an excellent feel of power, great pickup and a commanding road presence. It offers unmatched torque, performance and fuel efficiency with class-leading driving qualities and comfort, making it one of the most preferred SUVs in India.