Fun Family Fiesta by Muktar Automobiles

Muktar Automobiles, the sole dealer for Mahindra cars in Goa, organized a Fun Family Fiesta for all the esteemed owners of Mahindra vehicles on 29th April 2012. The Event was organized at Ronil Beach Resort, Baga – Goa. The fun day started 10 a.m in the morning and culminated by 4 p.m in the evening. On the previous day Muktar Automobiles shared its strategy as to how the company plans to expand its business along with the launch of new models in the Goan market.

The event received a good response with all the delighted Mahindra owners flocking their way at about 11 a.m. Mr. Savio and his team played hosts to the event and entertained the customers.

Proud Mahindra owners enjoying the outing

The events were entertaining people from different age groups be it children or their elders. Also to get away for the scorching heat, some of the customers spend time in the pool, playing spectators to the happenings. Refreshments were served from time to time and there also was a complementary lunch.

The customers were seen having a good time with their families and also mixing well with other customers, the children too enjoyed the various games and dance organized by the very talented Savio and his group. Some customers were seen dancing to the tunes of chamak challo and peppy song numbers. All the delighted Mahindra owners were seen having a hearty time.

(L-R) Ms. S Bhavana, Mr. Umar Shaikh, Mr. Saeesh Gaitonde, Mr. Parvez Shaikh, Mr. Balkrishna Kamat, Mr. Nitish Victor Raj

The CEO of Muktar Automobile Mr. Umar Shaikh, the Customer Care Manager from Mahindra and Mahindra for the Goa region Ms. Suresh Bhavana, the Sales Manager for Muktar Automobiles Mr. Pervez Shaikh, Senior HR Manager for Muktar Automobiles Mr Nitish Victor Raj, the Service Manager for Muktar Automobiles Mr. Balkrishna Kamat, the Asst Service Manager at Muktar Automobiles Mr. Saeesh Gaitonde, Customer Relation Manager for Muktar Automobiles Ms. Mellisa Coelho were seen making the customers feel comfortable for the event.

The proud Mahindra owners enjoyed the fun filled family outing to the fullest, making the most of the very well planned, systematically organized event by Muktar Automobiles.