GOA Budget 2017 – Petrol to cost more as VAT increased

Budget effect – Alcohol and Petrol to cost more in Goa.

The new formed Goa government announced a hike value added tax. Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar who also holds the Finance portfolio in his Budget speech announced a hike in value added tax on petrol from the existing 12% to 15%.

This makes Petrol dearer by 3%, but the Chief Minister Mr. Manohar Parrikar claims it will be cheaper as compared to neighboring states.

Goa government had kept petrol prices below Rs. 60 per litre during last five years by first slashing VAT to 1% when BJP first came in power in 2013. The government hinted the prices will not cross Rs. 65 per litre.

Mr. Parrikar also announced that entry tax imposed on the vehicles entering the state would be abolished once GST is introduced. This means private tourists vehicles, buses and trucks will no longer have to pay entry tax.

Price of petrol is currently at Rs. Rs. 60.41 and diesel at Rs. 61.76 / Ltr (prices as of 25th March 2017).

Hopefully there is no further increase in Taxi & Auto Rickshaw fares which are already quite high in state.