Goa ForGiving – “Water Hunt, the real treasure”

Since the event was a part of the #CampalCreekSelfie campaign, we had to take a selfie with the winning teams

Goa ForGiving has always been doing things that make Goa proud. We are deeply committed towards changing the axis on which tourism lies today i.e. from sleaze, drugs, garbage, booze etc. to the axis of art, culture, heritage, food, music and everything good.

Over the years, Goa ForGiving has been working in the fields of art, music, culture, heritage, water management etc, our pet project being the Campal Creek Revival, through which we are trying to enthuse people to come forward and fight for our waterways. The #CampalCreekSelfie campaign which we closed on the 27th of September was a huge success, in the sense that it brought together people from all walks of life; the youth, school students as well as the old. Schools have played a major role in the success of the campaign. The King’s School in Margao, Sunshine School in Old Goa, BBA Travel & Tourism Students of Don Bosco College are some of the schools who have already participated.

As part of the #CampalCreekSelfie campaign, Goa ForGiving in association with the BBA Travel & Tourism College organised the ‘Water Hunt, the real treasure’ on World Tourism Day, 27th September. The sole purpose of organizing this Water Hunt was to create awareness about the water resources of Goa which are our lifelines, and to highlight to the public in general, about the poor and depleting condition of the waterways of Goa, and the need to first identify their existence, for our survival. The Water Hunt was based on the waterways of North Goa.

We had two categories; two wheeler and three wheeler. Families and youth got together to participate in this fun adventure of hunting various waterways! The participants were given photographic clues and riddles as clues, which they had to match and move to find them. As part of the rules, they had to take a selfie with the waterway once they found the clue. The duration of the hunt was three hours, and the estimated kilometres to all the clues was 86.

The contestants loved the Water Hunt, as it was an innovative idea. They had fun, and the same time it created awareness about our waterways amongst the youth.

We are confident that the extended concept of saving the waters of Goa will see the day of light, as we have the energetic youth involved in the movement. Creating such exciting events and campaigns can trigger the minds of the younger generations, and bring them together to work in Unity towards saving the waters of Goa!