Goa’s first Amphibian Seaplane lands successfully in river Mandovi

Amphibian Seaplane Goa (12)

Goa’s first Amphibian Seaplane successfully landed in the River Mandovi creating a new milestone which is going to help boost the tourism industry. The 9 seater Amphibian Seaplane will be operational from September 2015.

The nine-seater Cessna Amphibian Seaplane has been launched for high end tourist for joy rides and also to ferry them quickly to certain parts of Goa along the coast line. Goa is the second State after Maharashtra where the amphibian seaplane will be launched.

Goa Tourism has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Maritime Energy Heli Air Services Pvt Ltd to launch the Amphibian Seaplane services in Goa.

The Amphibian aircraft services will be owned and operated by Mehair Pvt Ltd with support of Goa Tourism and Government of Goa.

The planes would be based at Dabolim airport and will pick up passengers and fly them to designated destinations. The seaplane will land in water close to a floating jetty on which the passengers would alight.