GOW Report – Mercedes-Benz LuxeDrive held in Goa

Mercedes-Benz LuxeDrive (1)

Living upto it’s Live the best philosophy, Mercedes-Benz organized its unique customer engagement program the ‘LuxeDrive’ experience, in Goa.

Held on the 31st and 1st November, 2015 at Verna Industrial Estate LuxeDrive gave customers an opportunity to get up close and personal with the Mercedes-Benz cars through various activities which fascinated customers.

Customers got a chance to indulge in the capabilities of Mercedes-Benz cars managed by a team of professional skilled drivers who took customers on a hot lap around the track which included off road tracks and Drifting tracks. Mercedes-Benz also had a demo on the Intelligent Light System [ILS] where guests were briefed about safety systems and advantages of the Intelligent Light System used in a Mercedes Benz model.

There were various activities such as Enjoy the Drive, Discover safety and Off-road experience.

Enjoy the Drive where the customers driving skills were tested by driving zig-zag across a dynamically crafted Slalom course.

Discover Safety – This activity demonstrated the safety features of Mercedes-Benz on Pre-Safe Demo circuit. The cars were driven fast and drifted around corners and 60-0 stop at a particular point. Scared don’t be, it’s a Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz LuxeDrive (3)

The Off-road Comforts Experience activity provided a off-road drive at the SUV zone and demonstrate their prowess, while you enjoy the luxury within. Steep inclines, decline, 30 degrees turn, 2 tyres up in air and many more trilling moments.

Besides the activities there was also display of Mercedes-Benz cars like GLA Class, CLS-Class, E-Class, SLK, B-Class, CLA-Class, the new GLE-Class, E-Class Cabriolet and others.

There was also a special kids zone where kids got a chance to engage in playing games while their parents indulged in the added attractions activates which made Luxe Drive a fun filled experience for the entire family.

Exclusive Mercedes Benz merchandise was on sale where guest could chose and take home their favorite merchandise. Mercedes-Benz trophy zone had exclusive trophies on display which kept families engaged though out.

Guests also had the opportunity to get a free car evaluation from Mercedes-Benz pre–owned car sales team and also an opportunity for special trade – in and personalized finance options. The Collection is a one of its kind super premium retail concept known for its breadth of exclusive fashion. With over 100 of the world’s best fashion brands on display all less than one roof.

The unique lifestyle store offers all connoisseurs a unique point of view on each individuals own personal style. The participants checked out the clothes and accessories on display at the LuxeDrive website. The website also facilitates the customer to pre – order the accessories of their choice which will be delivered to them at the venue.

To sum it up the event was great with lots of fun activities and a great customer experience. We hope to see more such events from Mercedes-Benz in Goa and are early waiting for the AMG Festival.

(L-R)Mr. Vikas Khanna_ Mr. Roland Folger, Managing Director and CEO,Mercedes

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