Gulf monsoon scooter rally announced

The Gulf monsoon scooter rally is all set to take place on July 17, 2011. This is the 22nd monsoon scooter rally and is sponsored by Gulf Oil Corporation and organised by Sportscraft. The rally will be held in the backwoods of Navi Mumbai. The riders will be riding along a 35km route which Sportscraft says will be tough and challenging as always.

The different classes for competition are:

Two stroke- 80cc upto 110cc

Two stroke- 110cc upto 160cc

Four stroke- upto 160cc

The entries are open till July 8, 2011 and a maximum of 40 entries will be accepted on first come first serve basis.

Official Press release

Riding a scooter on hilly terrain at breakneck speed in the rain is something unheard of. Not many would risk it. But daredevils on two-wheelers have been doing exactly that for over 21 years and will continue the exercise on July 17.

Yes, around 35 motorsport freaks will ride over the backwoods of Navi Mumbai and challenge each other in Sportscraft’s 22nd Monsoon Scooter Rally, sponsored by Gulf Oil Corporation Limited.

This annual event has become popular for riders of Mumbai, Pune, Nashik and its neighboring areas. Come the monsoon and all keep enquiring about the same.

This time Sportscraft, as always, has promised a tough, yet interesting, challenge. Oft-crowned champion in the event Manjit Singh Bassan – He has won this event 4 times and Shamim Khan Winner of 2003, 2004 and 2010 are the favorites. However, the many first-timers and a bunch of former also-rans, like Ganesh Lokhande, Nilesh Thakare, Kunal Rao, Nikunj Gala,Tarak Daiya and another former champ Rustom Patel winner 2009.

The weather and the reliability of the scooter are the main factors riders will have contend with. Heavy rain prior to the event is sure going to make the course un conducive for riding.

Which means riders will have to exercise utmost caution while generating speed and negotiating the many serpentine bend they will encounter along the 35 km route.

And, considering the course Shrikant Karani, boss man of Sportscraft, is known to come up with, one can be sure of a grueling yet challenging ride in the rain.

If you haven’t already sent in your entry, you still can.

The different classes for competition are above 80cc up to 110cc – Two stroke; Above 110cc up to 160cc – Two stroke, and Up to 160 cc – Four stroke.

Standard entries will be accepted till 8th July, 17.00 hours, while late entries close on 13th July, 13.00 hours.

A maximum of 40 entries will be accepted on first come basis. Sportscraft reserves the right to reject and increase the number of entries.

Entry forms are available and accepted only at the Sportscraft’s office, Chitrakut, 3rd Floor, Siri Road, Chowpatty Bandstand, Mumbai 400 006. Tel. 022 – 23677631.