Helmet mandatory for two-wheeler riders in Goa

From 2nd October, all the two-wheeler riders will have to wear helmet compulsory while riding all over the state including city, non city and internal roads. Initially the rule subjected the rider to wear helmet only on the highways.

With the increasing number of two-wheelers in the state, the rule will help to reduce the number of deaths which are caused due to head injury in the event of an accident on a two wheelers. The rule has been enforced for riders only while the ministry will take a call on helmet to be worn by pillion rider in the near future.

“In principle, helmets for riders everywhere – in city, non-city, everywhere – will be made compulsory. About pillion riders, we will see later,” the transport director, Mr. Arun Dessai told media after the meeting.

The final notification is to be issued after discussions with the Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Parrikar after his return to the state.

For those who feel helmet will spoil your hairstyle and make you look un-cool please read the advantages of wearing one

Nearly 65 percent of fatalities resulting from bike accidents result from head injuries

The risk of death is nearly 2.5 times more among riders not wearing a helmet compared with those with a helmet. Studies show that serious head injuries can happen even at low speeds (10-15 kmph)

Helmets save the rider from facial and scalp lacerations, head injuries

It also saves you the fines which the governments have imposed incase the rider is caught riding the two-wheeler without one

Also saves the hassle of avoiding the RTO officers by either riding fast which again puts the rider in the danger zone or riding through inter-city roads

And most importantly the helmet does make the rider look cool

So dear riders a genuine request form Team GoaOnWheels: Please wear a helmet while riding and if possible also invest in a good biking gear.