HM to launch Ambassdor in Goa

When you listen to word Ambassdor, the only though which come to our mind is the old good reliable car made by Hindustan Motors. The Ambassdor which once was the car of the Rich slowly faded in the late nineties as it could give some tough fight to the new gen cars.

The Ambassdor had been discontinued for a quite some in Goa, however the car was available in the rest of india and still does some odd 500 numbers.

We were just informed that the iconic car will be re-launched in Goa. The fully loaded Ambassdor will cost around Rs. 5.5-6 lakhs on road.

The iconic car that draws its lineage from Morris Oxford series II (Landmaster) and series III (Ambassador) is set to undergo a makeover in 2012.

Hindustan Motors is planning to launch an all new Ambassdor based on the same platform with a new engine and new design.

The Ambassdor once was a favourite car in the Indian families. The car is available in both petrol and diesel engine options.

We feel Hindustan Motors should launch customised versions of the car which include new interiors, dials, leather upholstery and good artwork on the exterior.