Honda’s AC-X concept: The new sport car

Honda is stepping on the gas now and is working extremely hard to launch a whole new wave of concepts in the upcoming Tokyo motor show. This range includes a new mid-engine sports car concept known as the AC-X- a plug-in hybrid saloon will share the stage with the Honda Small Sports EV Concept and a Renault Twizy-style urban commuter vehicle.

Honda hasn’t revealed a lot about the targa-roofed concept but the only preview that can be provided states that the car previews a “next-generation compact EV sports model that’s fun to drive while achieving excellent environmental performance”. The car looks quite in the Porsche Boxster mould and will be interesting to see the market reactions to the competition as the Japanese motor goes head to head with a legendary car and a legendary car making brand.

Honda describes the AC-X saloon concept as being a next-generation plug-in hybrid. The concept appears to be between the Civic and Accord in the overall size of the body. The firm revealed last month that it intends to have a plug-in hybrid on sale in limited amounts in China, Japan and US in 2012.

The concept according to the firm “offers a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience in urban and long-distance motoring”. To that end, the concept is offered with an ‘automatic driving mode’ for more relaxed driving, with an ‘engine drive mode’ on offer for more spirited driving.

The Micro Commuter Concept gets a similar three-seat 1+2 layout to the Nissan PIVO 3, featuring a central driving position. One futuristic feature is its ability to store Honda’s tiny new Motor Compo electric folding bike, which features a detachable battery pack that can be used to remotely power everyday items.

Well, its amazing how the Japanese recover so very quickly from their atrocities and how hard they work to rebuild and empower their lives.. Honda is certainly making its presence felt in the world market and stating that the Japanese deserve respect and seriousness from the world.

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