Honda cars to rollout from Rajasthan by 2013

Honda India cars expects its second Indian facility at Tapukara, in Rajasthan, to start rolling out vehicles within the next 2-3 years.

Expect the small car Brio and the Jazz to be assembled the same assembly line which was put on hold indefinitely due to the Japanese car-maker Honda of 2008. Honda wants to fully utilise the capacity of the Greater Noida facility and only after that it will consider starting assembly at Tapukara plant.

In September, 2008, Honda had partially opened the plant to start stamping operations and produce few parts for domestic and export markets. In 2010 the company announced a further investment of Rs. 250 crore on the Tapukara facility to expand the power train unit, primarily to cater to its upcoming small car, ‘Brio’. It currently rolls out engine and transmission components such as cylinder heads and cylinder blocks.

Earlier, in 2010, HSCI had stated that it was likely to start car assembly operations at Tapukara from 2012. However the car will first roll out from the Greater Noida plant and once the company reaches its peak production the operations could be shifted to Tapukara.

Honda is now gearing up to launch its much-awaited small car, ‘Brio’ which will hit the roads next month and will be priced below Rs 5 lakhs.