Honda completes 75% recall of CBR 250R Std variant in only 4 months

Honda CBR 250 Recalled

Further to announcing the recall of its CBR 250R standard variant motorcycle on Nov 19, 2012, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India has successfully completed the voluntary market action on 75% units of the suspected lot of CBR 250R’s in a short span of four months.

This recall is applicable for 11500 units of CBR 250R Standard variant manufactured in India between March 2011-September 2012. There is a possibility of limited ineffectiveness in front brake application, though this concern doesn’t impact the overall braking functionality and effectiveness of front and rear brakes under normal riding conditions.

This voluntary move, the first time by any 2Wheeler manufacturer in India aims to further enhance ownership experience and strengthen Customer Trust & Confidence in the Brand.

Honda aims to attend the remaining suspected lot vehicles of CBR 250R at the earliest and requests valued customers for their support.

To find out if his/her vehicle falls under this recall, the customer can go to Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI)’s website or contact nearest Honda dealership.