Honda Dio review by Sumedhh

Hola Amigos! My name is Sumedhh Bilgi. I’m doing my first year B.A in Smt. Parvatibai Chowgule College. I own a Honda Dio for about a year and can state that it’s an extremely great scooter.

The Honda Dio was launched in India during the year 2001 and has been a huge hit ever since. May it be the non-conventional headlamps or the ever so different poise, the Dio brought a breath of fresh air in the scooter segment. Initially a hit among the youth, it was later welcomed by the middle age as well.

The 102 cc four stroke engine is as powerful as its sibling ‘the Activa’ however there are significant differences. The engine is powerful enough to take over a lengthy truck on an inclined plane and the pickup is pretty good as well. The ride quality and the handling is better than any scooter in the segment and this makes it fun to ride.

The present model comes has a dual tone design which looks pretty attractive. The seat seams comfortable and the ride position is extremely stable and well balanced.  However the fuel efficiency isn’t very great, the storage capacity not really adequate and the leg space isn’t enough if your height is approximately more than 5’10 and above. The on road price for the Dio today is around 45,000 which and is attractively priced compared to its competitors.

The Dio despite of a handful yet important negatives seems to have the ‘X’ factor over the other scooters like Honda’s own ACTIVA AND THE AVIATOR and bikes like the Mahindra Duro ,TVS Wega and Pep.   It certainly is the scooter to buy if you are looking for a non geared two wheeler which is fun and fits your bill.