Honda plans to launch diesel cars in India

Is it the heat of competition or a target to become top player in India? Whatever it may be, but its certainly some good news to Indian car fans and specially the diesel car lovers. Honda plans to launch diesel cars in India because of increase in demand for such vehicles against the backdrop of high petrol prices, according to a top company official.

Honda has started work on diesel engines back in Japan.

India Senior Vice-President (Sales and Marketing), Jnaneswar Sen, said. “The Research and Development team in Japan is developing diesel engines. It is premature to say that the products will be rolled out on diesel (platform),” he told reporters here.

Declining to reveal when diesel variants would be rolled out in India, he said the proposed diesel engine was being developed for a specific market like India as most of the markets worldwide prefer petrol cars.

The first car to get a diesel would be the Honda City which may be followed in the Jazz. The new CR-V coming in 2012 to may get a diesel heart along with the flagship sedan Accord.