Hyundai Launches 9th Nationwide ‘Always Around’ Campaign

Hyundai Always Around Campaign

Hyundai Motor India is back again with its nationwide service initiative – ‘Always Around’ campaign in a mega avatar for the 9th consecutive year.

This mega campaign is being organized on 24th May 2015 and will provide free 18 point check-up for all Hyundai customers at convenient locations. This year, the ‘Hyundai Always Around’ campaign has grown much wider in terms of locations and reach. Hyundai will be reaching out to more and more customers in an effort to bring customer delight.

The mega ‘Hyundai Always Around’ campaign will be conducted at various locations which the customers frequent on daily basis like joggers Park, shopping malls, multiplexes, select residential blocks, etc. What makes the ‘Always Around’ campaign a truly innovative one is that it reaches out to the customer at a very convenient time and a place without burdening them with any additional cost. Also they can get expert advice from trained technicians on car maintenance.

The ‘Hyundai Always Around’ campaign will offer a comprehensive 18 point check-up with a thorough examination of the vehicle and services such as tyre and vehicle polishing, coolant and oil top-up. The customers will also have a chance to see and test-drive the latest Hyundai cars which would be there on display at the venue.

The event thus caters to not only the service needs of the current customers but also helps them in exploring Hyundai’s new products. Customers looking for an exchange offer or new purchase can get their current car evaluated by experts. The visiting customers can also give their suggestions and feedback on the performance of the vehicle & their experience with after sales service.