India Bike Week Day 2014 Day Two

“ This is it bro” I said to Larry as we walked towards our bikes, “ the end of the two most memorable days of our life.” The ride home that followed was very dull, the roads felt shorter and we seemed to cover ground way faster even though we were riding the slowest we had ever ridden our motorcycles. IBW 2014 was finished and we had to get back to our everyday lives. The same morning alarm, the same old drive to work ,the same 9 to 6 job and the same old ride back home. We shouldn’t have even gone for IBW 2014, I should have just driven to work instead of picking up my motorcycle, cause now, life would neverbe the same.
The second day at IBW 2014 saw lesser crowd compared to the first day, but never the less the excitement levels were off the charts.

I am very thankful to my website for introducing us to a Mr Pankaj Trivedi, the man who rides for a cause. He started a concept called “HALF STORY” with Tata Capital, where he would ride from Dharamshala to Gohati andenroute he would help people in need. He would record stories about these people and then through Tata Capital he puts it up on social sites for people to respond and complete, astonishingly the response rate is actually awesome.

Larry and I took part in design your own zippo at the Tank Up station and Larry won a limited edition INDIA BIKE WEEK 2014 zippo lighter. The arm wrestling competition that followed saw men and women of different builds and statures compete, for a minute even Larry and I thought we should try in, just then a huge Punjabi sits down . that’s when we decide its time to walk out.

Just as we left the bar we saw the stall for the bikini bike wash, at the stall stood two Harleys, the ladies weren’t out yet, so we decided to stay back and check this stall out. Soon the of ladies came out and started washing the bikes, one tumbler of soap water to soap up the bikes and two tumblers of clear water to wash it off, and I wonder how exactly one could call it a bikini bikewash when bikini wasn’t even their choice of clothing. The attempt though was worth a try.

The FCC championship a serious clash of the titans, India’s best fighters pinned in against each other. It was like watching MMA fights happeninglive . All this action brought out the shutter bug in Larry, he took some seriously close pics

The fights got over and Larry and I decide to meet at the Harley Davidson stall where after a short registration procedure both of us tried our hand at a Harley Davidson fatboy. Ok ok….., u got me It was on rollers, but the experience of firing this beast feeling it roar through all five of its gears was a glorious experience, one that we will never forget. After all it was our first ever Harley Davidson experience.

As we were walking back to the media tent for a minute of rest we saw a few Italians roll in , Larry who plans to shift just outside the Ducati factory in Italy went all shutterbug again. His only regret about the whole event was not being able to spot a Ducati Panigale, his dream motorcycle.

The last hour at IBW 2014 was turning out to be bit gloomy, the fact that all this was coming to an end had hit us, the last two days had just zoomed out our lives. Two days that we spent without any meals and solely on Monster energy drinks, (too many energy drinks keep u up at night ). Two days that saw us sleep at 3am in the morning and to my momssurprise wake up at 5am. But everything that has a start has an end. Apparently this is some kind of a universal rule. The memories of these two days though issome thing good that started in my life, which will never end.
INDIA BIKE WEEK 2014 I was there, where were you??

Article By Lloyd Dias

Pictures By Larrry Afonso