India bound Volvo S80 facelift spied

If the current S80 wasn’t luxurious enough for you, it seems Volvo doesn’t want to see you disappointed anymore. The Swedish car maker has been thoroughly testing an upgraded version of the S80 sedan, and our friends from auto.163have managed to get a few snapshots.

Volvo is also gearing up for the launch of an updated XC90 in a few months, and from the pictures it seems, the updated S80 will make it to the function too! The pictures of the cosmetically reworked S80 revealed that the new car will come with a three-dimensional grille, a continuous lip, new alloy wheels, a U-shaped front bumper, and extensions from the rear bumper carved out over the exhaust tips.

Volvo is unlikely to introduce a new engine or gearbox on the S80 facelift, however the current S80 has always been criticised for its ride and handling and we presume that Volvo would work on the suspension of the new car to improve things. The facelift is more of a mid-life makeover and is probably a strategy to breathe some life into the sales figures.

We don’t have any pictures of the interiors, so we don’t know what surprises Volvo is gearing up for. However, since the updated XC90’s isn’t getting anything new on the inside, we aren’t expecting much from Volvo for the S80.  Volvo hasn’t made any launches this year, so we are expecting some heat from the Swedish car-maker during the upcoming months. With an updated S80 added to our list of upcoming launches, we expect Volvo to do well this year.

Prices are expected to remain similar to the current car and with this we expect some healthy discounts on the current car too. If the car in the pictures, makes it anytime soon to India, the German rivals are surely going to bare the heat in the future.

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