Isuzu plans to launch D-Max and MU7 in India

Isuzu is now taking the India market very seriously. Isuzu which currently has partnered with Swaraj Mazda plans to launch more models from the international range. Isuzu plans to bring the D-Max pick-up truck and MU7 SUV to India.

The company has already formed an Indian entity called Isuzu Motors India Private Limited, which is setting up an office in Chennai, in August. To begin with, Isuzu will assemble and distribute before setting up full scale manufacturing operations.

The immediate plan is to import CBUs (completely built units) and knocked down units of its lifestyle pick up truck DMAX and large SUVs like MU7 from Thailand which are sold in the South East Asian Markets by end of 2012. In the first year, Isuzu plans to sell 1,500 units.

The company is also planning to develop a SCV model tailored for Indian needs an eventually set up a plant which will produce 120,000 vehicles per year by 2016, with almost 40,000 units exported. The company has not finalised the location of the plant yet and there are also reports of contract manufacturing at the Hindustan Motors-Mitsubishi plant in Tamil Nadu. Mitsubishi globally has 9.2 per cent stake in Isuzu Motor Limited and this could help the company use its facility which is currently being underutilized.

Mitsubishi is also helping Isuzu plan its India foray.

Info Source: ET