Kia Picanto caught testing? Kia are you coming to India?

A few years back, it was rumored that Kia would make its entry in India and would act as a subsidiary to Hyundai. However, Hyundai had denied those speculations and had clarified saying that such an affiliation won’t happen in India anytime soon. The new Kia Picanto was caught testing in India in Chennai. A left hand drive version was spotted which we feel could be undergoing routine testing.

 Well, it seems that Hyundai has changed its mind, and is now planning to launch the Kia brand name in India. An apple green Kia Picanto was caught testing in Chennai with a red license plate and a few bits of duct tape covering the badging.

The Kia Picanto is moreover an i10 in a different outfit. It certainly looks better than the i10 and uses the same mechanisms as well.  Kia shares most of its models with Hyundai, though the design language and the interior blueprint are completely different between the two.

Kia could launch the Picanto in India, which will be priced above the i10.

 If the Korean brand does enter the Indian market, the Kia Sportage is what you could expect to roll in after the Picanto, as it serves the criteria well for the Indian market.  The Kia-Hyundai joint venture is expected to work similarly to the Volkswagen- Skoda relationship in India, as the collaboration between the two has been successful.  It is anticipated that Hyundai has plans to surprise us about the tie-up at the upcoming Auto Expo. However, nothing can be said till that happens.

Image Source: Riot Engine