Lexus to launch cars in India by 2013

Toyota India is planning to launch its luxury brand the Lexus in India by 2013. The booming Indian economy and the rising incomes and spending levels have made the company look at the India market seriously.

The current luxury brands lead by BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and JLR have posted over 70% growth in volumes last year and expect healthy gains in the coming years as well. Lexus will have an independent dealer network and will start with major cities initially.

Lexus is planning to setup dealers in India, and the team is currently looking at potential dealers and trying to convince them to set up shops in India. Currently one can only import a Lexus brand from a grey importer and is not officially available as other luxury brands like Mercedes, BMW & Audi.

Once Lexus opens showrooms in India customers can have a closer look and also it will help Lexus build its brand in India. Lexus may start their operations with the major metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

If plans go right Lexus may launch its car by 2013 and will be offering the entire range of cars from luxury sedans to SUV’s. In the sedan range Lexus sells LS, GS, IS, and ES. In the SUV range Lexus sells X, LX, and RX. The GS, LS and RX hybrids, SC coupe and the ISF performance cars.

Lexus may bet on the Hybrid technology to differentiate the cars from other luxury makes.  The Lexus brand has tremendous market value in India and many think it can be a runaway success on par or better than BMW or Mercedes-Benz.