Mahindra Reva NXR caught testing, launch mostly by October

The Electric cars may have not tasted success in the Indian market but thanks to the rising fuel prices the situation may soon see a drastic change. Mahindra Reva NXR has been caught testing several tines on the Indian roads. The NXR has once again been caught testing on the Indian roads and seems the company were doing some performance testing.

The two-door, four-seater car has undergone a style makeover that makes it more appealing to the masses. But the car, which now wears a Mahindra badge, will have to do a lot more, than just look good.

The Reva NXR can reach a maximum speed of 104 km/h. It is equipped with 15-inch alloy wheels, with disc front brakes and drum brakes at the rear. The NXR model will have a steel frame with ABS body which is made of dent-resistant material. the lithium battery will be costlier, it will offer higher speed as well mileage up to 100 km for every charge. The lead acid battery which also powers the existing two-seater Reva, is priced lower but can travel up to only 80 km per charge.

The Mahindra Reva NXR will be launched before the festive season in October/November 2012. Pricing and vehicle range will be crucial factors to generate volumes. Mahindra has taken a good first step and the Reva NXR has surely set a precedent for future electric cars in India.

The price of existing cars range from Rs 3.36 lakh to Rs 3.89 lakh (on road price in Bangalore). So we can expect a premium of atleast a lakh more.

Image source: Motor Vikatan