Maruti Suzuki A-Star Facelift spied

A Star facelift

Maruti Suzuki is one car manufacturer who knows how to sell its small cars like no one else does in the Indian market. However, The A-Star from Maruti has always been a slow seller and never took off like the other cars from Maruti.

The A-Star was essentially a replacement for the older generation Alto and it did replace the Alto in the International markets. But, Thanks to the huge demand for the Alto in India, Maruti decided against replacing it and positioned the A-Star slightly above it. This move dint go well with the Indian buyers as the car despite being very modern was not considered good value for money. This in addition to the not so spacious interiors affected its sales badly.

A Star Facelift rearThe fact that The A-star was not very attractive looking dint help Maruti’s cause either. However, that might change soon. Maruti is planning on giving a facelift to the A Star which sells as Alto in China. The spy pics of The facelifted car reveal that the car is lot more attractive to look at. It sports a revised front fascia with a new set of headlamps. The fog lamps, grille and the front bumper are also new.

A Star facelif taillampsAt the rear, the car gets a new design and LED treatment for the tail lamps which look a class apart and are similar to the ones found on the Skoda Fabia . The side profile though is similar with minor changes. The engine and powertrain also remain unchanged.

The A-Star has a peppy engine and is fun to drive. Its compact dimensions ensures hassle free driving in the city too. It is also comes equipped with all the essential features and has good quality interiors. The refreshed look as a part of The facelift and a price cut to make the car more value for money could give the A-star a new lease of life in India.

Source: Autohome

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