Maruti Suzuki Auto Finance Carnival gets good response

The Auto Finance Carnival organised by Maruti Suzuki dealers Chowgule Industries, Sai Service and Aryaman Sai was held on July 23 and 24 at Don Bosco in Panjim and Ravindra Bhavan in Margao.

At Panjim, it was inaugurated by Arun Desai, director of transport in the presence of Dheeraj Agarwal from Maruti Suzuki RO Mumbai, Tejashri Pai, GM of Chowgule Industries and Vivian Noronha, senior manager of Sai Service Station.

At South Goa, it was inaugurated by Reginaldo Lourenco, MLA and chairman of NGPDA in the presence of Sudeep Bhagwat from Maruti Suzuki Ro Mumbai and Anurag Shukla, CEO of Aryaman Sai.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ was the attraction of this event and over 200 customers visited the venues and close to 100 bookings have been accepted.

At this event customers won gifts like LCD, handy cam, microwave etc by spinning the ‘Wheel of Fortune’. Representatives of SBI, HDFC, Kotak, IndusInd and AU Finance were also present.

Source: Herald Goa