Mercedes-Benz goes Eco-friendly

It seems that every manufacturer that exist tries to be eco-friendly up and down the production line to survive the stringent norms applied to restrict them from developing gas-guzzlers on regular basis. As obvious to the current scenario that big pots have been ditched and turbos squeezed up to match the power out. Further going down the line, plug-in-hybrid technology powered cars run around the Nurburgring to claim its brands’ supremacy.

It’s not just the super fast cars get to play with hybrids as for daily commuters, there must be a standout science that should get in and make way for future. Lately Daimler and Nissan inked a collaboration to nurture turbocharged engines to the highest economical level possible and it will feature on their cars as early as 2016.

Now, it’s Mercedes-Benz’s turn to save the environment, they are to bring in new family of four-cylinder petrol engines and plug-in-hybrid technology. Being jointly developed with Renault, these engines are so good that they won’t consider making a three-pot unit as the predictably 1.2 petrol and 1.5-litre diesel four clocks in a lot of miles.

Jurgen Doring , head of powertrain strategy, has said that one in four Mercs coming in future will have a plug-in hybrid drivetrain at its disposal. These engines will match the power and efficiency of cleverly engineered BMW triple pot engines and expect to live beneath the bonnets of A and B-class Mercs since 2014 and in Renault made cars as well.

Doring believes that Mercedes-Benz’s cutting-edge Bluetec diesel technology will help slice off emissions further more and promised that big powerful cars will not be compromised instead it goes eco to align with the world of hybrids. In India, these engines could fit in so easily, considering the fact that we use the less-displaced powertrains. But, on the other hand, fuel economy could be raised up an order when new sciences kick in.