Mercedes-Benz S-Class soft-top: Spotted testing!

There have been numerous models emerging in the Mercedes line-up these days but never had we had ourselves a convertible in the S-class range. It’s a 2+2 soft-top as evident from the test mule and based on the next generation S-class coupe.

It opens up a luxury drop-top segment which its main rivals Audi and BMW have to delve deep with. The slanting windscreen (also from S-coupe) and the shape of rear quarter panel suggest that the rear cabin will be spacious than a normal convertible.

With that said it will be roomier inside than the E-class convertible and boast a cabin with high quality. The disguised mule’s two-door body will make into production and though not much mechanical details are known yet.

It will be up against Bentley’s Continental GTC I reckon. Mercedes vows to build an interior so plush, in the account of that, wooden trimmings and four digital dials occupy the instrument cluster paired with windscreen sat-nav.

A host of new technologies hide underneath to improve the ride and it also features ‘magic ride’ suspension unveiled on the F700 concept – set to appear in the new s-class coupe due for next year as well. This system has cameras detecting road surfaces and adjusting dampers and springs by working individually on each wheels.

This will set a constant ride height, thereby improving cornering stability. Like every other S-classes introduced, Mercedes looks to lead the class with breakthrough technology. A new rollover system is highly expected to appear on it.

This car is also expected to incorporate a seat-belt mounted airbag and due for release in the early parts of 2014. Mercedes is eying the up market trend to carry on with this new luxury open-top. Price range could be from GBP 90 grand and they are targeting a high sales margin.