Mercedes E-Class facelift coming in 2013

Mercedes-Benz is going to have a lot new product in the next 2 years. The new B-Class, A-Class and GLC SUV will be added to the line up. Mercedes-Benz is also readying the E-Class sedan for a mid life makeover. The new E-Class facelift pics are now open in the web.

UK’s Car magazine has snapped the new E-Class completely undisguised. The new E-Class will now give some real competition to the mains competitors the BMW 5 Series and Audio A6. The facelift sports  a new look with a new front facia, restyled rear side panels, and a heavily modified rear view.

The Magazine reports some new features like:

Improved night assistant Not only draws the attention to cyclists and pedestrians but also warns of crossing wild animals

Dynamic light assistant replaces the use of adaptive bi-xenon technology and switches to multi-directional LED pixels which automatically avoid oncoming traffic

Intelligent lane assistant monitors the own lane and also supervises oncoming traffic and will issue an early collision warning

Intelligent brake assistant Derived from Distronic III, this radar-based cruise control keeps an eye on the vehicle in front and – as a world first – on cross traffic

Congestion assistant Automatically follows the vehicle in front at speeds of up to 40mph even if the route involves direction and lane changes

Magic ride control Employs a stereo camera which scans the road surface and makes the black box adjust damper action accordingly

Head-up display Extended functions, state-of-the-art graphics, multi-colour imaging

Car-to-X-communication Recognises police/ambulance/fire brigade vehicles, relays car-to-car messages like black ice or aquaplaning warning, permits partially autonomous driving though brief steering, brake and acceleration inputs

The E-Class could also get new power plants to its existing line up with improved power and torque. The E-Class could see a 2013 end launch in the Indian market or early 2014.

Info and image source: Car