More Images of the Safari Storme

Thanks to our friend Sagar Apte for sharing more shots of the all new Safari Storm, which he captured during the ad shoot in Pune. It was very difficult as the entire was cordoned off and one was not allowed to take photos.

The Safari will get a new colour option and from the new images we can see that the SUV will carry a lot of chrome inserts on the exterior. A long Chrome strip above the number plate, prominent Tata Logo and new design taillights and rear bumper. The Safari Storm also gets dual exhausts like the Aria and they are neatly capsulated in the bumper.

From a distance the Safari Storm does not look very different from the current model on sale as there are no alterations to the overall design. The spare wheel now goes down like the Aria. We feel the spare on the outside gave the Safari a much sportier look.

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