Now cars to get fuel efficiency labels

Indian Car buyers will soon be able to compare models based on government certified fuel efficiency labels .The new move will help customers to make a better choice.

The fuel prices are only going to see the upward trend, so the first question which comes to your mind is-what’s the mileage?? This will be soon answered more definitely once the Bureau of Energy Efficiency has almost finalized fuel efficiency labelling rules.

Labels on cars are to be voluntary to begin with but will be mandatory by March 2012. No new car will be on the road without labels indicating how it fares in its class.

With fuel efficiency labels for cars to be mandatory soon, the auto industry will have to meet targets to improve fuel efficiency by 2015-16. The big improvements would be in the fuel efficiency of mid-range and heavier vehicles like SUVs.

Failure to comply the norms will lead to penalties through a name-and-shame policy that will affect brand names. The bureau expects to finalize standards within a couple of weeks after final discussions with industry and government.

While the bureau will notify the norms for both labelling and standards under the Energy Conservation Act, the road transport ministry will be mandated to implement them and monitor the industry under the Motor Vehicles Act.

Source: TOI