Official Images of the upgraded Nano

Thanks to TeamBHP again for the official pics of the new upgraded Nano which will soon hit the roads.

The biggest change is the Nano gets a power upgrade from 35bhp to 38bhp. Other features include new seats and fabric, new front seat headrests, a beige-coloured dashboard to brighten up the interiors, passenger-side outside rear-view mirror, new wheel-cap design and floor mats, and will be available in attractive new colours.

The Nano now gets tweaked suspension setup and an anti-roll bar to further improve its ride and handling. Beside increased body stiffness too by making changes to the structure with better bonding of the body panels.

Nano CX features

Glossy black colored LHS and RHS wing mirrors

Black and silver panel dashboard

Black door trims with new fabric design

New improved cushioned seats

Nano LX features

Beige and silver panel dashboard

Beige and black door trims

New improved cushioned seats

Body colored LHS wing mirror

New Wheelcaps

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Image Source: Teambhp