Official: Volvo S60, S80 and XC90 equipped with D3 engine

Volvo India has launched the D3 engine equipped S60, S80 and XC60 SUV in India, a new variant of its existing product portfolio in India.

The S60, S80 and XC60 get’s a 5-cylinder turbo diesel engine under their hoods. This engine produces 163bhp of power and a gigantic 400Nm of torque.

Volvo has priced the S60 at Rs 23.99 lakh, the S80 at Rs 31.99 lakh and XC60 at Rs 33.99 lakh for the D3 variants, ex-showroom Delhi. Furthermore, as an introductory offer, Volvo is offering a Rs 80,000 discount on all the D3 variants. These variants are now available at all Volvo dealerships.

Volvo says that with the new D3 engine, the S60 will deliver 18.5kmpl, the S80 17.8kmpl and the XC60 14.7kmpl. The D3 is claimed to have a different injection system for the piezoelectric fuel injector in comparison with the D5 engine and this gives it a smoother driving experience. The company will sell the variants as Completely Built Units (CBU) in India, he added.

 Volvo is targeting 15 per cent share of India’s luxury segment by 2020 by selling over 20,000 units a year by then.

Last year Volvo Auto India had sold 320 units and is aiming to sell 800 vehicles in 2012.



Introductory Prices

Model Kinectic Summum Kinectic Summum
S60 23.99 26.99 23.2 25.9
S80 31.99 34.99 31.2 33.9
XC60 33.99 36.99 33.2 35.9

All prices in Rs. lakhs