Offroad Trail Club – Sand Challenge 2019 in Goa kicks-off on 4th May

Goa has got many clubs and groups with lots of individuals who are self-defined as ‘enthusiasts’, and there’s no limit to the way one can enjoy or have fun without the companionship of friends and family.
This is a brief introduction to one such club, originating out of what started out to as going out together with a few members with their 4WD vehicles and ending up becoming a well-organized and recognized Goan off-roaders club over the past few years.

4X4 OFFROAD TRAIL CLUB, GOA is no stranger amongst the Goan off-road community when it comes to organized trails, camping trips and participation in statewide competition events. Having coming out triumphant in a few occasions the club has maintained itself as a disciplined and organized group.

Off-roading is a dangerous sport, there is no doubt about that, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed if carried out responsibly. Having fun and coming home safe has always been the clubs priority. The club stresses out more on this in order to portray and filter out the bad notions about off-roading being a life-threatening and expensive sport. Although part of it is justified, it is not entirely true.

AKHIL NANDKIRNI [Car World] an active member who has spearheaded the club from its infancy with help from Club President BYRON DIAS [Goa Decible],Treasurer SIDESH KAVLEKAR [ Kavlekar Fuel Stations], Secretary REGNAR FERNANDES [Regnex Customz], SHON COELHO, ALLEN PIRES [The Show makers Events], DELANO DACOSTA [Zepaul’s],YASHVIT NAIK [Teknorix], AMOL SARDESSAI [UAM STEELs] and many others; are professionals in their own rights and always work together as a team in whatever duties they’re assigned as and when the requirement arises.

This year in its maiden ‘SAND CHALLENGE’ 4th-5th May 2019 event, they have differentiated from the much professional high-level competitions like Rainforest challenge [rfc] and targeted at an audience who own basic 4×4 vehicles of any variations. There are no professional level requirements nor is it gender specific. other than the basic requirements such as 4WD/fully enclosed/safety etc as listed in the event rules, It is meant to provide an opportunity for 4WD owners new to off-roading to get the experience and the thrill of driving on a soft surface. Seasoned drivers will work on ways to test their skills on how to get out of tricky situations as quickly as possible. Big brands have sponsored this event and the category wise prize list is huge. A new ATV category has been introduced as well for those many ATV owners who wish to try out to win amazing prizes.

The club is encouraging the participation of female drivers at this event in order to gain that experience in this otherwise male dominated sport. This is a great platform for one to overcome the fears and misconception revolving around the notion of females no being good drivers. Female drivers are much capable in building up confidence towards driving off-road and since this event is carried out in a controlled environment, it serves as a good platform for first timers.

The SAND CHALLENGE event is bound to keep you on your toes on the 4th and 5th of May 2019 with a lot of contestants trying out their 4×4 skills in the hot sands overcoming their fears, testing their abilities, limitations and winning loads of prizes along the way.

ANYBODY CAN JOIN, even a brand new stock Gypsy, Thar or 4WD SUV that’s just out of the showroom can participate. The bare minimum requirement starts from there.

If you’re interested, get in touch with the organizers, fill in your entry in whichever categories you fit best and have a blast navigating thru the sands.

Happy motoring.