OOOPS! Met with an accident. What to do?

Suppose, your stars are not so lucky on one fine day and your beloved vehicle gets involved in an ill fated minor accident. By minor I mean you are physically fine and the other person involved is all set for a full throttle duel!

The panic mode sets in and all you want to do is rewind time to the moment everything was going fine, but alas it’s not a dream and you have to face it. With the other person’s face turning red and blue you see many heads joining together and be ready to listen to ‘n’ no. of comments and advices.

I am not trying to create a drama scene, but wish to drift attention from explaining the scene to finding out the solution.

In general there are two solutions.

  1. Call the cops & Keep shut till they turn up.
  2. Do some smart talk and wiggle out of the curse!

Calling the cops is written in all law books, and it does find a legal solution. Caution, Time is something that legal proceedings consider secondary!

Pre-requisite  to bringing  the police in picture is that you should keep the vehicle in the same place, not move it even by an inch.(Just ignore the traffic around and let them keep honking!) if you move the vehicle ,you erase the evidence which may save you from seeing the unknown bad times. Thus if you move your vehicle you run into a potential risk zone.

Try to keep yourself away from the surroundings chores and quietly dial 100 to call your saviors’. Control nervousness and keep recollecting the scene which led to the accident. Calling friends or close relatives might get some strength in yourself too.

Cops will conduct “panchnama “, write down the defense notes from both parties and allow you to move your vehicle and call you to the police station for further probing. Legally speaking, the defaulter will be fined, given a challan or the case will be pushed to the court.

A relatively simpler approach is what I think of, which will work only when the other party is sensible enough to consider your plea. First check the damage. And then take some time to recollect if it was your mistake. Considering both the things think if there can be a simpler solution.

If the damage is minor to both vehicles a simple sharing of 50-50% each helps a lot.

If it’s your mistake, be brave accept it and try negotiating to a safe value. Of course your negotiation skills are called for as well as your wits. In the place that we live, things can get worse .If mob tries to interfere in your conversation (which most of the time does!) try not to commit stupid mistakes of accepting anything asked by them. Frankly speaking they won’t come to pay your bills neither will they help you clear the other party’s!

The mob is there to see the show run by you, and you are turning into entertainment for them. Keep your nerves in control and think wise. Best you can do to take care of the other person’s damages is to take his vehicle to a garage known by you and get an estimate of repairs.

Before entering into the scene of negotiation, think once again if the damage is worth the trouble you are going to take. If the damage is a minor scratch or a dent you can get it done yourself and insurance may come handy. (There are two clauses of insurance imp in these types of cases. Self destruct, one. And third party compensation. Read your insurance for knowing more.

If no negotiations work, dial 100 and wait till the cops come. I repeat moving your vehicle from the scene can cause you lot more harm than obstructing the traffic for time being! Also try not to get into an aggressive argument. And keep away from making a war with the other. Aggression often leads to more complications. I know its easier said then done but that’s wisdom!

All said and done, if there is any serious physical injuries result, its your first duty to attend to the injured and call 108(ambulance) for help. All non-living things(including the damage to your brand new beloved vehicle ) can take second priority to the injured person. In such cases police interruption is better (Trust their experience is such cases!).

Remember if your vehicle is insured, the burden of repairs can be dealt with in much easier way then otherwise. Now where you wish to repair may vary the cost(The service centre will give you a fatter bill than the local garage) .know the insurance before using it.

It actually depends on the scene created, but a sensible head can help you save the trouble. And believe me when I say this, you will remember the Trauma more than the accident for the rest of your life.

Good luck, and Pray to God that you never land up in such a fussy scene!

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I am a final year E & TC student from GEC. Cars have been my passion from a very young age. I have grown up drawing sketches of vehicles extensively.Cars are oxygen for me.I like to be part of road trips extensively and wish to drive all over India.