Ownership review of the Hero Honda Karizma by Nikhil

Hi this is Nikhil Gaunekar from Vasco, Goa. I am currently doing my degree in Mechanical Engineering from Padre Conceicao College of Engineering (PCCE). Cars and Bikes have been my craze since I was a small kid of about 1.5yrs..I loved playing with cars from that time n till today in a crazy pot for automobiles.

I would like to share my review and thoughts about my Hero Honda Karizma R.

To start with my Karizma experience..I was a die hard Fan of Karizma R bike…since when i was in 10th std(2005) even all my friends used to call out me as “Nikskarizma” n they do call out the same till today :-D..After my 12th I asked by dad for Karizma he said earn n buy on your own..:-(

“I den started saving every penny of my pocket money n on 16th March 2010 I had my own Karizma R outside my House..”

That day was the Proudest Day for me..Even my dad was proud to see my bike bought with my own money..He said “You came to know the worth of money that’s enough for me”

KARIZMA R (Racing)..Super smooth n just sets the road on fire…the 1st caption suit it: Get set…Goo!!:

The maximum speed I have rode is 120km/hr…Ahead I was trying but the road got over…:-P and stunningly an mileage of 45-50 km/litre.

Tip for Karizma owners : Service your Bike every 4000kms.With every oil change do add engine oil Addictives after 2000kms.

On 28th Dec 2010 New edition of Karizma R 2011 was launched. As the mods were limited I  too converted my bike now in to the New Edditon “Any suggestion towards my bike will surely be entertained and please do comment on it”

Within just a 1yearr n 2months my bike covered a distance of 18,300+ kms on the meter console..

Its lovely and easy to fly on Karizma as it accelerates your heart beat when it cover up distances… Truly awesome bike n even with closed eyes I can listen the music of Karizma’s silencer and tell its Karizma or other bike…so sweet is her music.

Now that I have made my bike “The 2011 Edition Karizma R”…looking forward to modify it a bit…any suggestions will be accepted.

Thanks….Love you lots my Sweet heart Karizma…!

Ownership review of the Hero Honda Karizma by Nikhil Gaunekar

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