Ownership review of the Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi by Anirudh

Hello people. Firstly let me introduce myself. I’m Anirdh Shirsat, studying engineering at PCCE in E&TC. And to those who don’t know me, I’m an avid biker as well as a car enthusiast. Bikes, cars I love them all.

Now to introduce my bike. It’s the original Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi( Digital Twin Spark Fuel injected). It was a gift from my dad on my 18th birthday (thanks dad, love you).

When I bought this bike it was the king of all Indian performance bikes in the sub Rs. 1 lakh category. I remember the day, I had not actually ridden it before as a matter of fact I rode it after I bought it. And to tell you the first ride on my blue beast was absolutely amazing!

The sheer power from the 220cc 20bhp DTS-Fi mill from 3000rpm onward was just mind boggling. Trust me, this bike doesn’t care if you are in 1st or 5th, it will just let rip all the horses on the fat rear tyre.

The superb exhaust note is still yet to be matched by any other stock Indian Bike. The feel and handling of the bike were also topnotch. And me being all rev happy, this bike has showed no problems coping up with the stress of accelerating and decelerating.

Braking is very good too, discs on both front and rear tyre’s do help the cause. I have maxed it to 137 kmph and if it wasn’t for the slightly short length of road, I think it would have reached the 140 mark.

The engine provides ample grunt in any gear, that really helps in overtaking as you don’t really need to shift down to get the acceleration needed. The handling I would say is good. It’s not like the R15 though when it comes to tackling those long corners, but the stability is superb at 120+ speeds due to the slightly longer wheelbase and the hefty weight (150kg dry) .

Regarding the touring capabilities, due to the slightly leaned posture while riding due to the clip-on’s and the slightly regressed foot peg’s, long journeys tend to put stress on shoulders and back but you get a much more sportier stance and that “FUN” factor.

The illumination from the Projector lamps is top notch and provides adequate visibility in night/ heavy rain condition.

To all good points there are some bad ones also. The rear brake isn’t as responsive as I would have liked. Also some Vibrations start kicking in after the 90-100 mark which is slightly irritating.

With regards to the mileage, with my high-revving nature of riding I would have to be a fool to expect good numbers. But still I get an average of 30-35 in normal riding (for me that is). Although I did get 45kmpl when I tried to check out mileage. Those 45kms where probably the most boring 45 kms on that bike ever! But when I let it rip the mileage drops down to TATA Nano standards (I mean 25 kmpl).

I haven’t done any modding on my bike as I think that the stock version of the 220 DTis a beautiful piece just as it is and why to spoil it?

So there you have it. My review on the original 220 DTS-Fi with that superb engine, that thrilling performance and those sexy looks.

Wear a helmet, ride safe!

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