Polo & Vento star performers, VW clocks 6,722 units

The Volkswagen brand sold 6,722 vehicles in the month of November 2011, a growth of 46 percent over 4,612 vehicles sold in November 2010.

Though market is far from a complete turnaround, the Polo and the Vento continue to bring in the numbers for the brand with a total of 6,215 units sold in November 2011.

The Jetta and the Passat together sold 499 units during the month establishing that the new generations of these two carlines have appealed to the Indian customers.

Mr. Neeraj Garg, Member of Board & Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt. Ltd. said “Though overall market sentiments continue to be low, our growth chart still continues. Our entire range of carlines has performed well during the month and I am confident to close the year on a positive note.”